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Speechdeck is a one-of-a-kind public speaking and presentations system for professionals who want to get more attention and leave a bigger impact with less prep time.

The system includes 3 components:

  1. The SpeechDeck Cards - The core of the system is a deck of technique cards that is color-coded by 8 simple principles. Each card (digital or physical) gives you step-by-step instructions and examples of a speaking technique or principle. This is the starting point for anyone who speaks and wants to take it to the next level of more attention, more confidence, and better results. Learn about the cards.
  2. The SpeechCrafter App - The SpeechCrafter app turns the static content of physical cards into an interactive process of applying the speechdeck principles to your speech, class, or any presentation. Speechcrafter is perfect for anyone who would like a digital coach 24/7, anyone who reuses lesson plans, stories, or content, or anyone who wants to store content in the cloud. Learn about the app.
  3. The Training - Michael Griffith, the creator of SpeechDeck, also offers classes, training, online and offline demonstrations, and more. Learn about training.
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